Thursday, December 20, 2012

V-shaped Back Ideas for Straight and Wavy Hair

The V-shaped back is a bold look that you can play with to suite your hair type and personality. Keep reading for some variations on the V-cut to get some ideas for your long hairstyle.

long wavy hairstyles deep V shaped back

This super deep and steep V-shaped cut looks great on both wavy and straight hair. The few long curly tendrils surrounded by shorter hair emphasized the beauty of wavy hair. For straight hair, this would be a sharp and pointed V that looks great worn down or up.

long layered V shaped back hairstyle

Everyone’s favorite layered hairstyles totally work with the V-shaped back. This looks great with pointed ends and layers that provide lots of volume at the crown.

long haircut wide V shape

This wide V combines the V-shape and straight across haircuts. The angles look great, reducing thick hair volume while leaving lots of healthy, beautiful hair. This would be an easy transition from a rounded U-shaped back.

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